Behind the lens

Hey! This is me, with my three littles. I always feel more connected to someone when I've seen what they look like and when I find out what they value. So here are some things I need you to know about me.

I got married at the age of 19 to my best friend, Bryce. We've been married for 13 years and our faith in God is what keeps our marriage strong, despite the ups and downs we've faced. We also laugh a LOT. He's my biggest fan and partner in crime. 

I never had that natural born, need-to-be-a-mom kind of instinct throughout my life. We waited for 6 years to have kids. And yes, it was a moment, and I still remember the exact date (October 4, 2009) that I said "I'm ready to be a mom now". And I haven't looked back since.

I have three beautiful children, a girl named London (2010), a boy named Henry (2012), and another boy named Royal (2015). Yes, they all have a British theme to them. No, it was not planned. But yes, we have been to London and LOVE the city. We hope to one day take all our children there and know they will each find a piece of themselves in that city.

I am a "November" girl. Emotional, stubborn, passionate, introverted and creative. I worked really hard to find my niche in this industry and being able to offer custom songs as an add-on product is something I have not seen anyone else do. It fulfills me to bless others through my work. This job is not a job, but a dream come true.

I have this major obsession with light. How it pours through the trees on an afternoon walk, when it paints the sky at sunrise as I walk my kids to school, or how it streams through the kitchen window while we sit around our table as a family to eat. It's a little piece of joy, sent from the Father above, to brighten our day. I often find myself squealing on the inside (sometimes out loud) when I'm photographing my clients in this light. There's nothing better than hearing my clients tell me that they feel beautiful when they see their images. A lot of the credit goes to the lighting for that.

I value memories, just as you do. As a family, we get updated photos taken yearly and they always tell a story. They aren't just photographs for me, they are everything.

If you feel a connection to my work, feel free to contact me to set up a time to create lasting memories together!

- Kristina