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Charlotte | Calgary Baby Photographer

As a Calgary Baby Photographer, I get to photograph bellies, births, and babies. All three are completely different. Now that this winter weather is in full swing, in-home sessions are a great way to stay warm and capture those first few weeks or months at home as a family. The dynamic changes as families grow, but I especially love working with new families. The house is always so quiet! Everyone works around the baby’s schedule so we can take things slow if needed.

This Calgary Family hired me for the birth of their baby girl, Charlotte, back in August. They began as complete strangers and now I am so lucky to call them friends. Nicole has been a huge supporter of mine since we first met, and has helped me in so many ways with my own business! I truly believe that us meeting was no accident. Nicole was so sweet to write a review about her experience. You can find that at the bottom of the post!

Normally, I recommend doing the Newborn Session when baby is between 1-2 weeks old. Nicole had asked to wait a bit longer and I am so glad we did! With Charlotte being 2 months old, she was much more alert, yet still sleepy for those snuggly shots. One of the things I do to get my families comfortable on camera is to ask them questions. This allows them to focus on each other, be present in the moment, and connect on a deeper level. In the end, the hope is that they aren’t just left with beautiful pictures, but also feel closer to one another emotionally. These images were some of my favorite ones to capture to date.

“Kristina is as good as it gets. When my husband and I were expecting our first child, we started looking at photographers in Calgary. After seeing a couple of Kristina’s birth stories, we quickly moved away from considering a maternity photo shoot and completely fell in love with the idea of birth photography instead. After meeting Kristina, the decision to work with her only felt natural. Not only is Kristina a total professional, she is one of the sweetest and kindest people you’ll ever meet.

Our birth experience didn’t go exactly as planned, as many don’t, but Kristina was so accommodating and supportive. She found a way to be right where she needed to be to capture the story without us even knowing she was there. The birth of our daughter ended in an emergency C-section. Given that in those circumstances photographers are usually not allowed in the delivery room, which was the case for us, we were really unsure how our birth story was going to turn out. Kristina was so collected in the moment. As I was being rushed into the operating room, Kristina quickly connected with a nurse who agreed to take her camera into the OR to capture some shots of our first moments together as family. Following the birth, Kristina spent a couple hours with us in recovery capturing some really beautiful shots as the three of us bonded as a new family. As so many others would say, these are memories that we will forever cherish and having them captured in photos and a video to share with our daughter one day is priceless.

Hiring Kristina as our birth photographer was not only the easiest but also the best decision we could have made. Kristina wasn’t the only photographer we met with and considered, but upon meeting her it was clear that her professionalism, the quality of her work and her character and energy were the best fit for us. We’ve never looked back and look forward to continuing to work with Kristina in the future on family photo shoots, and God willing – another birth story one day!” – Nicole

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The Wilson’s | Calgary Fall Session

It’s been so cold out lately, so I really wanted to share this recent Calgary Fall Session. I love all the families I’ve been able to work with, but this family holds a special place in my heart. In November of last year, I captured an incredible birth story for their youngest child, Beckett. He was their rainbow baby. If you missed his story on the blog, you can go watch it here.

When Melissa asked me to capture their family photos this fall, I was beyond ecstatic! During Beckett’s home birth, their 3 girls were staying with family so we weren’t able to capture those first shots together. It was nice to get them all together for this fun adventure session! Melissa explained to me how important it was for them to have fun. They didn’t want those “perfectly posed” images that they’ve had in the past. That isn’t fun for anyone!! While I do try to take a few of those shots, I thrive more off the candids. As we explored the deep ravine and wandered along the path, everyone quickly came out of their shells and soon forgot about the camera. I think my favorite part was watching Ben with his daughters. He works so hard, but he loves them wholeheartedly and they adore him so much.

Aaron and Vanessa | Priddis Fall Wedding

This Priddis Fall Wedding was everything I anticipated it would be. The views were spectacular, the light was B-R-E-A-T-H-T-A-K-I-N-G, and the wedding party was so much fun to work with. Being that it was a last minute wedding, they managed to snatch up the last available date before the Priddis Greens Golf and Country Club closed for the winter. They took a risk by planning an outdoor ceremony, but it paid off when the sun decided to shine on their day.

I met Aaron and Vanessa through the last wedding I photographed. Aaron was a groomsman so I was able to get to know him prior to photographing their engagement session. I love getting to work with couples before their wedding day. It helps give me a sense of how comfortable they are with each other, on camera, and whether they like to be serious or have fun.

I met Vanessa and her girls at the Priddis Golf Course shortly after 3:00. She was going to put on her dress there and the ceremony would start at 3:30. Unfortunately, wedding’s never go as planned. Somehow her dress got left back in the city, which delayed the ceremony by 30 minutes. I have never seen a bride so calm and collected. She handled everything like a pro! She put up her feet and enjoyed the extra time to breathe. It was a good reminder that it doesn’t do us any good stressing about the things we can’t change.

Working with this crew was incredible! They braved the cooler temperatures without complaint and even though we were behind schedule, they were all great listeners. They made my job easy! Here are the highlights from the day.

Vanessa’s sparkly shoes were the cutest!

…and this was their final request lol…

…they were all drop-dead gorgeous!…

I was OBSESSING over this light. It doesn’t get any better than this…

I am always so thankful for the opportunity to capture these important milestone’s for people. Whether it’s a birth, newborn, or wedding, they are important pieces of our lives. They all deserve the very best quality. Thank you for entrusting me with your day Aaron and Vanessa!! And a special thanks to my husband, Bryce, for being my assistant. I hope we can do many more of these together.

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