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I can’t get over this great weather!! The temperatures have been in the high 20’s for the past week and we have spent so much time near the water. My only worry is that the kids will be so sick of the river by the time summer arrives. I didn’t think I brought out my camera that much, but in looking through my images, I still got quite a few. I’m learning to be more in-the-moment with my kids. I want to grow in my work and stay creative, but I remind myself often that I don’t have to share a post every month. There were a lot of things that I chose not to capture this month, including our first visit of the season to Calaway Park, the zoo, more river adventures with friends, and many trips to our neighbourhood spray park (it opened early this year). Some HUGE milestones that I haven’t documented yet: We took off Henry’s training wheels last week and now he’s fully riding all on his own, and we moved Royal to a big boy bed (even though he prefers to sleep on the floor behind the door). We go in there every night and move him back to the bed, and somehow he makes his way back to the door by morning.

When my longtime friend of 10 years asked me (ME) to be her “official” photographer for her upcoming Album, I was so honored! Music has always been a big part of both of our lives and we’ve performed together many times in the past at different venues. We lost touch along the way, but my photography is what brought us back together again just two years ago when she hired me to take some head shots for her. We are closer now than we’ve ever been and her song-writing has been so inspiring to me. Her name is Sara-Mae Dafoe and she writes about her life experiences and draws from the pain and joy that her journey has brought her through. This album is so L-E-G-I-T and has been a huge project in the making, AND…I was lucky enough to sing some background vocals for a song on the album! I’m so proud of the woman she has become and the places she’s walked through to get to this point. Her album is called “Flourish” and she’s going to be performing it LIVE on May 31st, and you can buy tickets here. I’ve already purchased mine so if you see me there, come say HI! Here are some of my favorite images from her Album Cover Shoot taken at Voltage Creative Garage.

I know we’re already a week into May, which feels like July with the beautiful weather we’re having, but I still want to take some time to share my favorite April photos. Looking back at last April’s post, I see it wasn’t as warm, but we definitely made it outside as much as we could. The kids have grown so used to adventure walks, and it’s really nice to explore in and around our city. Looking forward to another incredible month ahead!