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This c-section birth was both intense and inspiring. If you know me really well, you know how excited I get about birth photography. It’s still uncommon to a lot of people. In fact, I have a close friend who doesn’t have any children who had NEVER watched a single birth story of mine. When I asked “why?”, she told me that she thought it would be too personal and make her uncomfortable. I laughed and then told her to go and watch my most recent story, from start to finish, and tell me if she felt uncomfortable. Her words blew me away! This is what she said:

“Of all the hesitations I ever had about getting married and having children one day…suddenly it all made sense. Seeing these families connect in such a miraculous way was so inspiring!”

That is the nicest compliment I have ever received because it came from someone who is not in that phase of life right now. Birth is so miraculous. The connections that are formed during the process of birth are the kind that change your life forever.

Nicole & Kyle – The parents-to-be:

I met Nicole over coffee back in the spring of this year. What started as an interview, quickly turned into a comfortable chat between friends. She had so many great questions for me and I could tell she was just as passionate about the memories, as I was about capturing them. We waited a few more months and then I met Nicole and her husband, Kyle, over milkshakes at Peter’s Drive In. I knew we had both made the right choice to work together at that point.

Charlotte’s Birth Story:

Nicole was due on August 13th. She would send me regular updates after each check-up letting me know that things were still the same. Those last 3 weeks are a killer! They had to go in on the morning of August 21st (8 days over) to be induced. She reached active labor (5 cm) at 4:00 PM so I packed up my stuff and headed over to The Foothills Hospital. By 5:00 PM she had already jumped up to 7 cm! They also told me there had been a few scares with the baby’s heart rate. It would have these moments where it would drop to 35-40 and then they would get her to move into different positions to bring it back up again. I was relieved that things had stabilized when I arrived. For the meantime anyways.

The C-Section:

By 6:15, Nicole was fully dilated at 10 cm but the baby’s heart rate kept dropping. The doctor assessed her and told her the only way they would be able to safely deliver baby was by c-section. I watched Nicole and Kyle grab onto each other and everything after that happened so fast! I quickly ran over to the nurse and asked if I could scrub in with them, but she told me no. Just when I was prepping Kyle to take my extra camera in with him, the nurse offered to take pictures instead. I gave her a quick 1 minute crash course and stood there helplessly in the window while I too had to let go of the control. The nurse did a beautiful job and I almost hugged her when I saw the images she took!!

After Charlotte arrived, everyone was so exhausted, especially Nicole. I got to join them in the recovery room for these last images.

Vaginal or c-section, birth is birth, and every story is so beautiful in its own way. I felt so incredibly honored to be included, even if it wasn’t in the way I was expecting. I’m so happy with the memories I was able to capture for them! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out the slideshow for their full story.

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These downtown Calgary head shots are so beautiful, and I can’t take ANY of the credit! I jokingly sent these images to Sydney with the title “The Sensational Sydney” and now I feel like it’s the perfect title for this shoot. She really is sensational. Sydney and I met this past year through our church and our relationship has deepened since then. We’ve had many early morning runs where we talk the whole.entire.time (which is really hard to do when you’re running) and we never run out of things to talk about. I’ve enjoyed getting to know her heart and what is most important to her.

Sydney lives downtown so I try to live vicariously through her when I visit. It’s very different from the suburbs, yet in many ways, it’s the same. I loved exploring along this road by her house, looking for those character spots that make your heart sing. We definitely found a few! One of things I love about Sydney is that she doesn’t even know how beautiful she is. She told me she’s never modelled before but that is definitely up for debate. I think she’s found her new calling! Here is the “Sensational” Sydney.

If you’re looking for updated head shots and you want something non-traditional, contact me for pricing!

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