Kind Words

My heart is overwhelmed every time a client shares their experience with me. I am always blown away by the time and effort they put into providing this feedback and I know it has made a lasting impact on their lives and mine. Here are just a few of my favorites.

Priscilla - “When I found out I was expecting my 3rd baby, I knew I wanted to do something different; I had done the maternity and newborn photo sessions with my first two children. I began looking at birth photographers around Calgary, and instantly fell in love with Kristina’s work. The video’s from previous clients had me in tears, and I knew that I wanted that for my family. Kristina did not disappoint. Every detail of our slideshow is perfect, and I can’t watch the photo’s mixed with video clips without being transported right back to that day and the raw emotion of meeting our little girl for the very first time. The song that Kristina, and friends, created for us is an amazing lullaby and something that we will sing to our girls and hopefully some day they will sing to their children. I am so happy we have these memories captured in film to share for our lifetime. Thank you so much Kristina!” 

Mike - “When my wife told me that she had hired a birth photographer I was a little skeptical. We had done newborn photo’s with our first two children, why couldn’t we just do that again? Plus who would want to look at our birth photo’s, besides us, anyways?! When we watched the slideshow for the first time I was blown away! Not only did Kristina capture the raw emotion of meeting our little girl, but she was there when our older girls arrived to meet their new baby sister. The photo’s were tasteful and family friendly. This was such an amazing investment." 

Jemma - "I have loved Kristina’s work for some time now, I loved seeing the beautiful use of light, I loved seeing the connection between the subjects and I loved how she composes her images. On the day of the shoot my 3 year old decided not to nap and decided he was going to be shy and tired. At this point my dream of beautiful images was gone, I didn’t expect anything great because of the mood he was in. We met Kristina and she is so calm and so easy going, she was great with Noah and he came round to adoring her in minutes! At the end of the shoot he even asked her to come home with us, which he has NEVER done other than with his little buddies, so I know he had a great time and that she made a huge impression on him! We had such a lovely evening. Then I got our photos, nothing could have prepared me for how I felt about them. I saw the beautiful light that I always see in her photos (because let’s be clear she really is a master of light) but I saw love and connection in our photos, I saw our personalities in our photos. I don’t think we have ever had photos that show Noah being Noah more, she managed to capture this age perfectly. I honestly can’t believe what she captured for us and I’m so happy and so ecstatic that she managed to capture us like that. I couldn’t recommend Kristina enough, but I also know I don’t have to, her photography speaks for its self, looking at strangers photos I can see the beautiful pictures and I can also see the love and connection in them it just didn’t prepare me for the joy I would feel when they were my own family. Thank you Kristina!”

Kristin - "It was like it was meant to be. We contacted Kristina last minute (literally) to see if she was available to photograph the birth of our second child. Labor progressed quickly at at home and we were not able to make it to the birth center as planed. My husband contacted her to relay the news that we would be delivering at home. She made the trek to our home and I greeted her between contractions. As soon as a saw her, I knew we had made the right decision for a photographer. She was calm and collected and her eyes told me that she sympathized with what I going through. Throughout the L&D, I didn’t even realize she was there. I remember thinking, I wonder if she’s taking any pictures? I didn’t notice the shutter sounds and her in my space. Once our daughter was born, we got the chance to visit for a sec as she went about doing her thing. I remember her saying “this is how labor is supposed to be – real”. The sneak peak pictures completely blew our minds and the video pushed this momma over the edge . . . The lyrics, Kristina’s sweet voice, and the precious images she captured – it was more perfect that we could’ve imagined. She has a God given talent of preserving the most beautiful of memories. I will be forever grateful that our paths crossed. Thank-you again Kristina . . . You have the most precious role in Livy’s birth story." 

Cory - "I have been following Kristina's gorgeous work through various social media (Facebook, Instagram) for years and recently booked with her for a fall family session. The whole experience exceeded my expectations! She replied promptly to my message, made recommendations for what would work for my young family, and took the most incredible photos of us! What most impressed me about her (aside from the images; they speak for themselves) was her ability to connect with each of my children and make us all feel comfortable. We now have beautiful photos we will cherish and enjoy for years to come! Thank you, Kristina!!" 

Nicole - Kristina is as good as it gets. When my husband and I were expecting our first child, we started looking at photographers in Calgary. After seeing a couple of Kristina's birth stories, we quickly moved away from considering a maternity photo shoot and completely fell in love with the idea of birth photography instead. After meeting Kristina, the decision to work with her only felt natural. Not only is Kristina a total professional, she is one of the sweetest and kindest people you'll ever meet. Our birth experience didn’t go exactly as planned, as many don’t, but Kristina was so accommodating and supportive. She found a way to be right where she needed to be to capture the story without us even knowing she was there. The birth of our daughter ended in an emergency C-section. Given that in those circumstances photographers are usually not allowed in the delivery room, which was the case for us, we were really unsure how our birth story was going to turn out. Kristina was so collected in the moment. As I was being rushed into the operating room, Kristina quickly connected with a nurse who agreed to take her camera into the OR to capture some shots of our first moments together as family. Following the birth, Kristina spent a couple hours with us in recovery capturing some really beautiful shots as the three of us bonded as a new family. As so many others would say, these are memories that we will forever cherish and having them captured in photos and a video to share with our daughter one day is priceless. Hiring Kristina as our birth photographer was not only the easiest but also the best decision we could have made. Kristina wasn’t the only photographer we met with and considered, but upon meeting her it was clear that her professionalism, the quality of her work and her character and energy were the best fit for us. We’ve never looked back and look forward to continuing to work with Kristina in the future on family photo shoots, and God willing – another birth story one day!” 

Catherine - "Kristina was an absolute joy to have photograph both of my children's births. She was kind and respectful. She was so quiet that I didn't even know she captured some really special moments. I would absolutely recommend getting video footage... the way she incorporates the video clips into her slideshow is just perfect. I love how wonderfully she captures the feeling of the birth in both her song and the slideshow. We also love the coffee table book she made with the song lyrics at the back of it. I would highly recommend Kristina Nichol Photography to anyone wanting to document one of the most important days in their life. If you haven't though about birth photography, you should! It brings me to tears knowing I will have these photos to look back on for the rest of my life."

Kristen - “I consider myself so fortunate to have had Kristina photograph my birth-story and newborn family session. Being able to go back and look at one of the greatest moments in my life is something I will forever cherish. Kristina's ability to capture unimaginable moments of love, strength and tenderness leave me breathless.”

Jennifer - “Kristina, you are incredible!! Our birth story video is so magical and we both adore the song. I’m flooding with tears as I type this as the emotions are so high seeing images from that day I didn’t get to experience! Your voice is so soothing and the words to the song are beautiful. Thank you so much for capturing the most important day of my life…xoxo!”