Whether you are new in your photography journey, or wanting to expand your skills, mentoring is a great way to invest in your growth as an artist. You can choose between private mentoring, which allows you to personalize your material; or group mentoring which is more cost effective. 

Choose from the below topics, or request your own!

Intro to Manual

This is a great place to start if you've never had any formal training, if you are new to using a DSLR, or if you'd like to take your camera off auto mode and expand your creativity. This is a "classroom" style course that will help prepare you for shooting on-location. 

Full Sun

If every hour could be "golden hour", that would be awesome, but unfortunately the sun sits pretty high up in the sky for the majority of the day, so learning how to expose for the brighter conditions can be really tricky. This hands on shooting workshop will teach you how to position your subjects outdoors (and the answer is not always "in the shade"!), and how to direct them to avoid squinty eyes and shadows on the face. We'll also talk about ways we can use the sun to create vibrant images that pop. 

Note: It is highly recommended that you complete "Intro to Manual", or ensure you are really comfortable with your camera's settings prior to taking this workshop.

From Start to Finish

In this editing workshop, I will show you how I create a 'clean' and 'classic' edit in Lightroom from start to finish. We will explore each panel in the "develop" module of Lightroom and discuss when and how to use the tools provided. There are so many great presets and actions out there you can buy to enhance your photographs, but it doesn't leave you with a ton of wiggle room if you want to make it your own. Being able to explain how you got from point A to B, is really important as an artist. This workshop will give you a great foundation to build upon.


Private Mentoring

$150 for a 2-3 hour session

*You'll receive a $50 voucher towards your next mentoring session.

Group Mentoring

$500 for 2-3 hour session (5+ people)

*Gather 5 or more friends to join you. As the host, you will receive a $50 voucher off your next session. Each attendee will receive a $25 voucher off their next session. 

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